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Yoshi #1101

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Name: Yoshi
Breed: Manchester Terrier Mix
Age: 5 Years
Male: Neutered
Weight: 14 lbs.

Yoshi was rescued from a local shelter at the last minute since he previously had been adopted and was returned two months later. His previous owner stated that the reason for returning him was that she didn't get along with him, which is really difficult to understand since he has been an absolute joy to have around. Usually when dogs are returned to the shelter they don't really have a chance of being adopted again since they are the first ones to be scheduled for euthanasia when space gets tight, which is exactly what was going to happen to this sweet little guy. Unfortunately many people don't take the decision to get a pet very seriously, and in the end it's always the animals that pay for that mistake.

Yoshi gets along great with the other dogs in his foster home, he is very well behaved on a leash and loves to go for car rides. He is crate trained, seems to be housetrained and he rarely barks. Most of all though he loves to be petted and cuddle up with anyone who cares to sit with him. His energy level is surprisingly low and he is quite content if he gets to go for a walk every day. Due to his size we would prefer that he goes to a home with older or no children. Please consider giving this boy the loving, permanent home he deserves.

Update 03/06/2011: Yoshi no longer needs to be crated when left alone. He now has free roam of the house with the other dogs and he is doing great!! He is also starting to play with toys and has learned to tolerate his nail trims. We would like for him to go to a home where he has the companionship of other dogs and possibly a playmate.

Me and my fellow Safe Haven Rescue, Shanti. We are enjoying a relaxing day on the patio
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